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We all feel a little down once in a while. Well, maybe not even just “a little.” And sometimes there’s nothing else to do and nothing else to comfort us except for food.

Although we know that stress eating isn’t a good way to deal with misery, we still do it anyway. And that’s possibly because we know that food can make us feel better, especially when we talk about sugar.

However, there’s one more thing that can comfort us when we’re having a difficult time. Believe it or not, it’s the popular video game called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO).

Playing CSGO


A lot of people have turned to CSGO playing because of the various advantages it can bring to their mental health. For one, playing the game is entertaining and is proven to relieve the mind of stress and worries. CSGO can also serve as an avenue for venting out. Trust me, the gameplay will help you release your anger. After playing one round, you’ll absolutely feel a lot better and more relaxed. It can even help improve the memorization and problem solving skills of the gamer. It can also improve your hand to eye coordination, which is definitely useful for a chef, especially when cutting vegetables or fruits with a sharp knife. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to have poor hand to eye coordination when slicing stuff. Playing CSGO is similar to cooking—they’re both effective stress relievers.

CSGO Gambling

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But there’s another way to have fun with CSGO. And that’s to use your skins to gamble. These skins are cosmetic items that enable players to change the way their weapons look. There are rare skins that make your weapon stand out from the rest. These skins can be used to play CSGO-related games offered by third party sites. You can use them to earn more or better skins. You can even use these skins to bet on your favorite CSGO team in a professional game. learn more about this

Final Words

skins-csgoThere’s more to CSGO than just entertainment. By cooking your favorite dish or snack and playing the game while eating, I’m positive you’ll feel a lot better than you did an hour ago. So, if you’re saddened by a bad news today or just plain exhausted because of work and other duties, then you know what to do: Grab your chef’s hat, cook, then eat while playing CSGO.