What You Should Do and Not Do in Restaurants

Hostesses have already spoken, they might not tell you because of the saying “customers are always right” but the truth is you’re not always right. They are just being polite to give you the best impression of the restaurant, but do yourself a favor, learn these simple etiquettes. You will become a good customer and grow as a person with etiquettes. We’re sure that every restaurants will welcome you over and over again every time you visit them.

When Talking To Servers

What you should not do: Sometimes, we get experiences when dining in our favorite restaurants. Things can happen like long wait time, they served the wrong order, forgotten special instructions and more. The last thing you should do is be rude when it comes to talking to your server. It will not speed up the process of them taking care of your concern. Instead, they’ll be intimidated and hate you for being such a dick head.

What you should do: If you want something done or corrected, call their attention in a nice way. Tell them that you ordered this but instead the order came incorrectly. Or inform them that you specifically requested the nuts to be removed because you have allergies. Explain that you cannot eat the order because it might kill you or its bad for you. They should understand that.

Arguing Inside The Restaurant

What you should not do: It’s pretty obvious that arguing inside a restaurant can be annoying for other customers who wants to eat a good meal and have a good time. You’ll create a negative vibe that is really contagious. It’s okay to be boisterous as long as it’s a busy place where people won’t mind you talking loud.

What you should do: If you and your spouse is having an argument, it’ll be polite if you step outside to continue your heated conversation. Or if you guys could wait until you get home, much better. Home is the best place to argue because that is a private place, and the best thing is you could proceed and practice some karate on each other and there will be no people who would attempt to stop you.

Bringing Your Dog

What you should not do: There are debates and arguments about bringing your pet or your service animal inside a restaurant. If it’s actually a service animal, we’re sure that they will understand but if you bring a cute mini dog and tell that’s a service dog, it’s a different story.

What you should do:  On this situation, it would be best if you sit outside if the restaurants has facility outside. You will save yourself from stinky eyes of other customers. We don’t want a server talk to you and ask you sit outside, so just do it to save yourself from the trouble.

Smoking Vape

What you should not do:  Here’s another controversial issue between non smokers and smokers. Vape is not actually smoke but rather steam. However, the steam that comes out from the vape is cloudy-like as if you are summoning a ghost to come out. This is not good for the restaurant  and could be irritating for other customers.

What you should do:  Step outside. That’s it. If by any chance that the area is a non smoking area, wait until you finish your meal and smoke all you want. You visited a restaurant to eat in the first place. It’s a place meant for eating not smoking.