Fine Dining Etiquette

Like the guide we have for welders who want to know more about TIG welding, it’s also important to have a guide for diners who wish to eat in elegant restaurants.


Choose from the outside cutlery first. The number of knives, spoons, and forks might overwhelm you, but the key is to work from the outside; that is, you should select the cutlery that is farthest from the plate. If you’re a bit nervous or doubtful, you could wait for the host to commence eating before you partake of the dish.

Cutlery on the table

Excuse yourself whenever you must leave the table. Be polite by asking your host to excuse you if you need to go to the restroom or someplace else. Before leaving, lay your napkin on your seat as a message to the server that you’ll return.

soup clay pot spoon bowlEat soup properly. How? By drinking it from your spoon’s edge. When you scoop soup, ensure that you begin at the center of the bowl and move your spoon away from you. Next, bring your spoon to your mouth, and drink from the edge of your spoon. Don’t slurp, and don’t put the spoon in your mouth!


Know when to sit and stand during a toast. If someone is proposing a toast in your honor, remain seated. If you’re proposing a toast for someone else, you should stand. When toasting, remember to raise a glass pointing to other guests, but never touch glasses with them.


Use a fork correctly. Always point the tines of the fork down towards your plate. Don’t use it as a scoop.

Pick up cutlery that dropped on the floor. Accidents are unavoidable even if you’re the most graceful diner in the room. If you happen to drop a spoon on the floor, don’t pick it up. Let the server replace it for you.

Tuck your napkin into your garment. First, unfold the napkin with the seams facing you, and place it on your knees. Use the edges when you dab your mouth—never wipe your mouth with it.

table restaurant cutlery napkin flower

Mistake pudding for dessert. Dessert is a fruit or cheese course, while pudding is a sweet selection.

Use your phone. It’s impolite to pull out your phone during dinner. Before arriving at the restaurant, turn your phone on silent mode, and only check it after the formal dinner. It’s also improper to place your purse or wallet on the table. Using your phone is a sign of an ill-mannered behavior, so avoid using it.